#100 A Fistful Of Dollars & Toothpicks

Brian unknowingly enters the wild and wonderful world of SCI and leaves forever grateful.

#99 Mister Fahrenheit

Brian burns through cash at 200 degrees. Please subscibe at youtube.com/BrianMaxwell

#98 Friendly Monsters

Craig from Friendly Monsters Toys is in studio for a chat about the Horror movie genre, the theater experience and Craig's love for vintage toys. https://www.etsy.com/shop/FriendlyMonstersToys

#97 Cero Miedo And Loathing In Las Vegas

Dave is in studio as Brian recaps his trip to Tranquillo Rock in Las Vegas for AEW's Double Or Nothing and STARRCAST II.

#96 King Of Wrong Style

Brian and Dave talk video games before diving into Twitter questions about the haps on the graps.

#95 Why You Farm Bro

Brian and Mike are back with Mortal Kombat 11 talk, a SPOILER FREE rundown on SHAZAM! and Avengers: End Game before going down a dark path Back To The Future.

Listen to Brian on Fascination Street: https://fascinationstreetpod.com/2019/02/brian-maxwell/

#94: 13 Reasons Why Not

Brian reads Happy Birthday wishes to Mike from strangers and then they spoil the s**t out of Captain Marvel.

#93 Encyclopedia Brian by Conan Doyle

Dave is back in studio when his internet goes down for a long chat about Brian's love of books, video store setups, allegedly stealing CDs, LOTS of wrestling, gambling in video games, free speech on the internet and on and on and on.

#92 Not Episode 100

This would be episode 100 was recorded on location at A Shared Universe Podcast Studio in New Jersey. Brian goes on a journey down memory lane with Comic Book Men alum Ming Chen and Mike Zapcic as his older brother sits quietly.

#91 Fat Boy

Brian and Dave celebrate Rumpadon by heading out on a three to five day My Girl journey to find out what is America exactly while Mike and Keith review their Christmas gifts.

#90 The Ballad of Blonde Lady

Keith celebrates Flip's big win while Brian and Dave argue the validity of bets made during ROH Final Battle 2018.

#89 Into The Maxwellverse

Mike and Keith review Black Ops 4. Brian and Mike hit a late night viewing of Into The Spiderverse.

Final Battle 2018 full video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAde-ncSaqk

#88 Flip Gordon Let Me Down

Peyton Manning won a Super Bowl. Brian did not. Peyton Manning stayed retired. Brian did not. Welcome to the return of The Peyton Manning of Podding!